Analysis of Indian democratic system

We will see how very important it is to bring about, in the human mind, the radical revolution. The crisis is a crisis of consciousness. A crisis that cannot anymore, accept the old norms, the old patterns, the ancient traditions.” – J. Krishnamurti

Democracy is called the system of the people, blah blah. Now the simple question arises is whether India is democratic or Democracy is not what we believe it to be. For instance if the elected government is the voice of people than why were people opposing their own voices at the time of supporting Jan Lokpal bill put forward by India Against Corruption. The truth is that democracy is or was never the system of people.

There is or was no system called democracy but only kleptocracy in disguise of democracy. All political parties make fool of people. Very few people understand their tactics but it is of no use as government is decided by majority but not by few intelligent and rational thinkers. A rational thinker will arrive at the conclusion that this problem has no solution in democracy.

A system where a value of a vote of an educated person is equals to that of vote of illiterate person. It is indeed funny that government is decided by those people who don’t even know how the government works and what their economic policies are and how these policies affect them. It is even funnier that an illiterate and poor family who just stupidly generates more and more children and put more pressure on already limited resources has more say in deciding the government and fate of country! It sometimes struck to me that how could people follow all these things blindly. Don’t they have just that much intelligence to understand that how much the system is rotten? Could people be so dumb or are there other reasons? Isn’t it is amusing that the illiterate criminals are controlling and running the government of a nation which boasts of third largest pool of doctors and engineers in the world!

How can the intentions of government be good when it is elected on the basis of alcohol, money, caste, religion etc.? There is no doubt that most of the people of the society are not aware of even the basics of the system then how can you trust the government elected by those people. Someone vote for money while other for religion but very few people indeed vote for India. This system provides the platform to the demagogues to cheat and fool people and rule them. Democracy can’t ever work in India where people are divided on the basis of caste; religion etc. and nobody can remove it ever. Democracy works where all people are equal i.e. where people have no sense of difference with others. Where people are rational, unbiased, people are aware and educated and consider country above self. Unfortunately not a single of above condition is fulfilled in India then how can we expect it to work in India.

A system where a decision (vote) of an illiterate equals to a PhD holder and where people chose a leader based on self-interest rather than based on the interest of country. A system where politicians openly divide people based on caste, religion etc. Democracy is serious insult to our intelligence. The present notorious system popularly known as democracy is dictatorship in veil. Government possesses every form of power that can be possessed by a dictator ranging from controlling communications, police, CBI and everything as seen several times in the past.

Not only this but this stupid system provides platform for leaders to openly divide people based on different basis like religion or caste and by this they fulfill their own purposes of ruling people. They use the old trick of ‘Divide and rule’ and poor people fight with each other on various issues created by these demagogic leaders. Here due to these leaders people have become enemies of each other, some in the name of religion and some in the name of caste, region, language etc. Every decision of the government in this system is to manipulate people. They have clear agenda of rule, loot, manipulate and let people to fight. These demagogues give provoking speeches and excite people against each other and give one group of people advantage over other like in Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Resettlement (LARR) Bill 2011 farmers of SC/ST have been awarded five times compensation then farmers of general category. This way they give advantages to one group either by reservations or other means and people of different group start having animosity towards each other and those demagogues serve their purposes of looting and ruling people. We all know that it is grave injustice towards society to give someone benefits and privileges just based on birth but these things are supported by these demagogues so that people remain divided and these people could serve their interest. Whether or not we become fool in the name of pseudo secularism but one thing is set that they are masters and “we, the people” are slaves.

According to scriptures there are three principal duties besides secondary duties of a king namely to provide protection, justice and provide new king after himself. But do we think that this system even provides just these basic things. There is no protection either from inside or from outside with examples of terrorist attacks and riots. As there is no body who could punish these demagogues so they openly misuse their power for looting people even putting the security of the nation on stake (e.g. home ministry where faulty machines are bought putting the very lives of soldiers of our own country in jeopardy for the sake of some money)? As seen in the past there have been various riots in this country but the culprits though known to everybody were not punished. Like in Godhra episode nobody was punished. Similar was a case with riots in Gujarat riots where several culprits in spite of openly known were not punished. Similar is the case with Sikh riots where too culprits were not punished. One other incident is Bhopal gas tragedy. There are numerous such accounts and even a complete book can be written on prevailing grave injustice in India. Here these leaders protect some culprits and this way people start feeling animosities towards other groups and these rabble-rousers serve their purposes.

People often think that the problem of the system is bad government but they often fail to understand that system is itself rotted and is the root cause of all the problems. How could we think of building a sound structure whose very foundation is weak and imperfect? Some people say to improve the system by going into the system but by experience it has been observed that the people who try to do this either become frustrated or committed suicide or they also becomes like others. There are examples of various journalists, IAS officers, IPS officers etc. who either died mysterious death or were defamed.

This system is nothing but a proxy way of controlling people or indirect dictatorship. This is controlled by few rich businessmen as well as few elites who are unfortunately criminals at least in our country. Their greed for power and money has only given problems like Naxalism etc. Due to this stupid system, the criminals are not only roaming freely but ruling others. It should come as no surprise that people like A Raja, Kalmadi are not only free but are also member of parliamentary committee! These poor people just had bad luck otherwise thousands of these scams are committed daily and don’t come to light. The ruler who for their selfishness first force a person to become naxalite and then term (brand) these people as terrorists. Is it sin to fight for one’s rights and self-defense? In truth there never was nor is any system called democracy. These leaders have sunk to level that they even used religious institutions for controlling people and spreading hatred towards each other. Their self-preservation through several cheap tactics like allowing banned drugs, allowing genetic modified crops, manipulating prices of commodities, riots, not passing laws which harms them like Jan lokpal, favoring certain group of people thus creating barriers between them, injustice with certain groups and dividing them using ‘divide and rule’ policies, allowing blind industrialization without the concern for safety measures thus polluting water and air resulting in massive increase in cancer cases, afforestation, costing lives of several thousands of people like at Bhopal etc.

There is no doubt that people are frustrated and want to have positive change but what they fail to understand is that they don’t need change of government but change of system as the new party is also not going to make any difference. This could be evident from the fact that people of not even a single state of India are satisfied with justice system etc. which clearly proves that no party can do good to the people in this system of manipulation. Thanks to this stupid system we boast of among top populated, corrupt and illiterate country. In spite of 65 years of democracy India is not able to even provide basic necessities like roads, electricity, clean water apart from other things like population control etc. Such a crap is this system that today neither there is pure water in rivers nor the air is clean. We have destroyed the nature to such a level due to this stupid system called democracy.

One thing I hate most about democracy is the decline of morality of people. Just compare the difference of morality of people of today and just 65 years ago. Today the corrupt government leaders, government officers, businessmen etc. are respected most in spite of degraded means of collection of money. Thanks to this stupid system today money is held superior to ethics. When people see everyone openly cheating and looting each other they also tend to indulge in those activities resulting in whole degraded society. There is also a say in Hindi, ‘YATHA RAJA, TATHA PRAJA’ (Like government like people). And this is exactly what is happening today. Instead of becoming role model for the society they have no self-respect. Early kings were held as fathers by the society as they used to treat society like their own children and the very meaning of the word Praja used for society is children but today in contrast it is shame for people to live in such a society. According to Niti a person should not reside at such a place which is devoid of doctors, wise and ethical people, has danger of draught, feminine and security and alas! Today India doesn’t fulfill even a single condition from all of these.

And some people wrongly think that in democracy there is no king! But the truth is that the kings are still there and the only thing that has changed is way of ruling people. Today in democracy these elite people still rule people indirectly and create the illusion of decentralization of power. The only thing that has changed is the direct rule to manipulation. And in most cases even this is not required. Any person who tries to raise the voice of truth which is against these few elite people is suppressed. And actions like controlling the media and internet by the government of the same system which deceit people of freedom of speech etc. clearly shows the difference in theory and practice.

One new thing has come up. The politicians started investing the looted money in different businesses in disguise and then by manipulating the demand and supply incurs unquestioned profits at the cost of well-being of people like in sugar prices and in infrastructure projects by building expressways and charging high charges as toll tax. They tie up with corporations and manipulate people by increasing scarcity and looting/robbing people like in case of petrol prices, LPG prices and diesel prices.

Result of our system can be seen in the facts that even after more than 65 years of independence, we don’t have electricity not even in cities forget about villages, transport is pathetic, education system is pathetic, health care system is pathetic, city planning is in sewerage, infrastructure is of 3rd class, no sense of security, open exploitation of law and regulation with criminals not only wandering freely but also controlling the masses, backward thinking of society, illiteracy, corruption, population  explosion, environment and so on as the list is endless. Even a complete book can be written for each of these issues that how are these results of our failed democracy with examples and facts. ‘Mera Bharat mahan’. REALLY!!!

Democracy was defined as the system for capitalists by Karl Marx. Economists since Milton Friedman have strongly criticized the efficiency of democracy. They base this on their premise of the irrational voter. Their argument is that voters are highly uninformed about many political issues, especially relating to economics, and have a strong bias about the few issues on which they are fairly knowledgeable. Traditional Asian cultures believe that democracy results in the people’s distrust and disrespect of governments or religious holiness. The distrust and disrespect spread to all parts of society whenever and wherever there is seniority and juniority, for example between a parent and a child, a teacher and a student. The 20th Century Italian thinkers Wilfredo Pareto and Gaetano Moska (independently) argued that democracy was illusory, and served only to mask the reality of elite rule. Indeed, they argued that democratic organization would do no more than shift the exercise of power from oppression to manipulation.

Either we can fight with each other or join together to uproot this corrupt system and bring our country at the top where forthcoming generation will see us with the sense of pride and respect instead of how we see society as of today. The choice is yours. Either you can continued be slave and exploited and manipulated and watch corruption, scams, riots, pollution, and injustice or focus your energy to eliminate this system altogether and design new and better system.

We need to design a new system devoid of loopholes and having positive aspects from different systems including democracy.It is not that democracy is completely useless. But it is much more important to implement it correctly and to understand the flow of power and try to see the loopholes that could arise in future. It is very funny the way democracy is implemented in India. When I see the system and its consequences then I think that really not a single man in 1.2 crore people see what’s wrong in the system! Are we so foolish, stupid, dull and mentally retarded that no one of us understands the system and takes steps to rectify it? When I see towards our ancestors of Vedic times then I just wonder if we are really descendants of that intelligent race because it doesn’t look like that from where I see. What we needed is the new system, an improved system with positive aspects of every type of system including democracy, framed not by leaders or the people of political science but by the people who are worthy and intelligent(High IQ) and are able to think in a broad way. It is not necessary for us to repeat mistakes what our forefathers committed in the past. We boast of superior technology and mind but still we are living such pathetic lives.

What we are trying in all these discussions and talks here is to see if we cannot radically bring about a transformation of the mind. Not accept things as they are… but to understand it, to go into it, to examine it, give your heart and your mind with everything that you have to find out. A way of living differently. But, that depends on you and not somebody else. Because in this there is no teacher, no pupil, there’s no leader, no guru, there’s no master, no savior. You yourself are the teacher and the pupil, you’re the master, you’re the guru, you are the leader, and you are everything. And to understand is to transform what is.” – J. Krishnamurti

Democracy is the system of the elite and criminals, by the people, for the corrupt politicians.

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