Occasionally I write on the topics of my interest and publish them here on my blog for sharing ideas. The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions which keeps on changing with time. I wish this website serves as a good platform for honest discussion to provide good learning experience. Please follow proper etiquette while posting your comments like avoiding ad hominem type comments. Please familiarise yourself with Graham’s hierarchy of disagreement if you’re not already aware of it and try to use higher forms of disagreements for constructive dialogue.

About me

I’m computer engineer by profession and I’ve interest in Psychology, Philosophy, Dharmism, Ethics & Morality, national & international politics and Entrepreneurship. I like solving problems which I feel are worth solving in my own little capacity. I care about liberty, freedom and justice and I believe that justice extends to animals and environment as well. I also support free and open knowledge sharing through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).